Monday, November 19, 2012

The Beginnings of the Crazy Hat Lady

My daughter and I have always joked of the "Crazy Cat Lady".  Well I have become the "Crazy Hat Lady"!
It all started when I was teaching my crochet student how to make a crochet hat.  While she was crocheting, I would crochet.  I started with these Pumpkin Roll Hats using several patterns combined together.
Pumpkin Roll Hats
 Then I needed a gift for a friends Owl themed 40th birthday.  Knowing she had a teenage daughter I knew I would be making one for her as well.  I used the Owl Pattern found on Repeat Crafter Me.
Owl Hats
 Then I moved onto making Sock Monkey Hats from Daisy Cottage.

Sock Monkey Hats
That's all for now.  Off to finish some other hats in the works!

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beth y said...

I love your hats Crazy Hat Lady!! I wish you would stop so I wouldn't want to buy all of them!!! But I'd like to make sure everyone is aware - the last two are sold. :)