Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Update- Baby Props!

February Update- Baby Props!

This month I have been busy crocheting props for a photographer friend.  She has been getting a lot of baby shoots and needed a few things for her pictures.  It's been fun making things on a smaller scale.  While they may be smaller, they are not always quicker to make than the full-size hats.

First hats to be made were a newsboy type hat.  Used 3 different patterns trying to find one that made a hat that I liked. I tested 3 different newsboy hats.  They all came out in different sizes even though the patterns all said they were for a newborn baby.  
But- newborn babies come in different sizes as well.  So... all is well!
Using the first pattern, I made a hat in Barley so that it would look like a tweed hat.  Using the second pattern, I made a hat using Eggshell.  Then so that the hats would have more functional options I made an attachable flower.  The flower was made so that it could be used alone as a headband or attached to the hat.  Think they turned out pretty cute!

Teri's next baby shoots were for boys.  So for these shoots we added a swaddle sack in addition to a few hats.

Can't wait to hear how these worked in her photo sessions!

I didn't have time today to 
track down all the links to these patterns.  I will try  and get back and add them to this post.  If you need them before I put them here you can email me and I will send them to you. 

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