Friday, December 28, 2012

Brag Post

It is my privilege to share my crochet skills with my friends and their children.  They are so talented and I wanted to brag on them for a bit.  

Both of my  students are home schooled.  Not only are they learning a useful skill/craft, they are also able to count their crochet class as homemaking credits!  How's that for killing two birds with one stone.  

My first student, "C" learned the basics last year and made a crochet scarf.  This year she is back for more lessons learning to follow pattern directions.  She has been working on Mickey Mouse hats for her family.  Here is a photo of one that she has finished.  It's SO CUTE!!!!  

Sometime after Thanksgiving I helped a friend, Amy,  brush up on her crochet skills.  She worked to teach her son, "E", how to do a chain stitch and I taught him to do a single crochet stitch and slip-stitch.  Their project? An ornament that found "E" wanted to make for his sister for Christmas. The link to the pattern can be found here.  
We modified the pattern to be made in one piece.We folded it in half and slip-stitched up one side (through both front and back together), chained about 20 to make hanger, and then slip-stitched down the other side (through both front and back together). We then attached blue felt and button eyes on one owl and double button eyes on the other.  We stitched a nose in gold and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Then we slip-stitched along the bottom  (through both front and back together) to the end and fastened off.  Instead of making separate wings and then attaching, we attached the yarn to the owl body and they followed directions to make the wings. This was a very easy pattern and was made much simpler by making with as few separate pieces as possible.  Here are their finished owls.  So CUTE!

 "E's" Owl

Amy's Owl

And, for anyone thinking that crochet is just a girl's hobby - think again. (So wish I could find the link to this and that it was for crochet and not knitting but the sentiment still applies...)

Congrats "C", "E" and Amy!!!!
You did an awesome job!

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You are a wonderful teacher!!! We appreciate you! BY