Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The last few stitches of 2012.....

January has been having RECORD highs in the South this year!  It has been in the mid 70's here for the first few weeks. So warm in fact that we have actually turned on the AC just to deal with the humidity.  So warm that the thought of crocheting warm, winter hats has been almost nauseating!  So thought I would take the time to post the last few hats crocheted in 2012.

My friend wanted me to make minion hats from Despicable Me.  I got the pattern from lizzziee .  You can get the pattern here for $3.99.  She designed a really cute and easy to follow pattern!  My friend wanted the hats to be matching but the options of goggle eyes and hair are numerous!  
Think they turned out REALLY cute!

Not only are they really cute and will be nice and warm once the weather cools off, they are just in time for the release of  Despicable Me 2 !  You can go here to watch the trailer for the movie which releases on July 3, 2013.  After watching the trailer, I'm going to make a lace headband to go with my next minion hat for a minion maid!  It's going to be so cute!

The same friend wanted me to make the same Bulky Skullcap that I had made in blue earlier in the month. I used the free Bulky Skullcap pattern from BirDeli's Handmade. I used Lion Brand's Homespun in Candy Apple.  The pattern worked up easily.  Seemed too short for me so I added 3 rows. I completed row 7 and then repeated it 3 times.  Then I picked back up at row 8 and finished as written.  Definitely need to use markers on this pattern. This pattern was quick and easy.  Used some of my husband's pottery clay to make the button that was used on this hat!  

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