Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5 Little Snowmen

Once upon a time,.......... a long, long, long time ago in what seems like another lifetime, I taught 2-year old preschool.  I LOVED it!  Those kids were so funny and so FULL of energy.  I enjoyed everything we did but, I especially LOVED doing the hand/foot print art projects with them.  If you were to follow my Pinterest Hand/foot board (found here) you would see that I love all things related to printing of a child's hands, fingers, and feet!  I think they make the most special of art projects for friends and family!  They are definitely the keepers of a child's art projects!  Wish I had done more with my own children when they were younger!!!  Don't think my 14 year old with his adult size 14 feet would be very cooperative! But,... one day I will have grandchildren and we will have LOTS of printing fun!

One of my favorite projects we did way back when was a white hand print that we decorated as snowmen. I have seen several examples of this on many blogs but have never seen one with the poem we used with ours.  Not sure where the poem came from (If  yo know, please share with me as I would like to give the author credit).   I wanted to share the poem as I think it is so cute with the snowman hand print. Our class printed our hands on bright blue construction paper.  When the prints were dry, my aide and I decorated the fingers with different colored Sharpies to make our colorful snowmen.  We then attached a printed copy of the poem.  Here is a picture of our project.  I only had an old photocopy to share, so please forgive the poor photo quality.  Enjoy the Five Little Snowmen and make some of your own!
And...... here is the poem:


Five little snowmen watching for the sun:
The first one said, "Let's have some fun!"
The second one said, "Let's race and run!"
The third one said, "Hooray, I've won!"
The fourth on said, "Look out! The sun!"
The fifth one said, "Uh oh, we're done!"

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