Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Hand and Heart Crafts

I miss my little preschool darlings.  Holidays are the time when I miss them the most.  I loved doing art projects with them- especially any project that involved painting their hands!

Today I am sharing 2 Valentine ideas from 2004.

The first:  I Hand You my Heart  ...  My son made this when he was 5.  His hand is small then compared to his hands now.  To make: Print the hand on white paper.  Cut out a red heart to lay underneath.  Print up the saying, cut out and mount on colored paper.  Be sure to include a space for the date and one for them to sign it.  Glue all of that onto a big paper circle.  I had access to a laminator so I laminated ours.  This was done for color brightening as well as protection.

The second: Heart Candy Yarn lacing project.

Cut our two medium size red hearts of construction paper or card stock.  I laminated my hearts to provide added strength while lacing. I printed and laminated the small poem as well.  I punched holes evenly around the edge of the heart about 1 in from the edge.  Starting at the top, the children laced their heart all the way around.  Just before getting lacing the last of the holes the children filled their heart with Hershey chocolate hugs and kisses.  I helped them put the poem on the yarn and then tie it with a bow.  Parents loved these.  Kids did too!

Here is the poem:

This laced Valentine is just for you
I made it with my fingers without any glue
Hugs and kisses it will bring
When you tug on the heart's string.

Happy early Valentine's Day!

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